Argentine Black & White Tegu

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Argentine Black & White Tegus Available! Unsexed babies.


Argentine Tegus are a large intelligent species of lizard. They range from tropical rain forests, savannas, and semi-desserts of eastern and central South America.

As juveniles they are born with a bright green head that fades after only a few months from hatching. They are omnivorous and as babies will typically feed on crickets, dubia roaches, and superworms. As adults they can be fed a variety of rodents, ground turkey, raw or cooked chicken, eggs, as well as bananas and mangos.

In captivity they can make great pets. Males get much larger than females, 4.5 feet (amales) to 3 ft (females). They can be housebroken with training and with consistent handling they can be very tame.  

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