Red Tegu Trio

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1.2 Red Tegu Trio Juvenile.

Feeding on ground turkey, eggs, rodents, mango, and bananas. These guys have SCREAMIN' red color!!!

Red Tegus are a large species of lizard (Salvator Rufescens) that will eventually need a large enclosure of around 6 feet when adult. They are a very intelligent animal that will need daily attention and care. So intelligent that they have earned the reputation of being the ''Reptile Dog''.

As a hatchling red tegus have little to no red. They develop the red color as they mature with males typically being brighter than females. Males are also significantly larger than females (4.5 feet for males and 3 feet for females).

Red Tegus are very opportunistic feeders and will feed on a variety of plants and animals; fruits, vegetables, rodents, insects, and fish are all on the menu. In captivity they typically will feed on papaya, mango, banana, dates (fruits), rodents, ground turkey, raw chicken, high quality dog and cat food, and tuna in water are all acceptable. Make sure to vary their diet daily and don't stick to one food source.

They grow quickly reaching maturity in 2-3 years depending on how often and what they are fed.

They are native to  western Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay. Are diurnal and terrestrial, meaning they are active in the day and live on the ground. Living in a temperate climate in Argentina they brumate in the cooler months burying themselves underground for up to 7 months.

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