Yellow Green Tree Python

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Green Tree Python (Biak)

Green Tree Pythons are among the most prized and sought after of all snakes. They are an arboreal species, meaning they live primarily in trees. They will feed regularly on rodents, birds, bats, and anything else they can overpower in the canopy. 

Being nocturnal they are active mostly at night and will do their famous ''perch'' during the daylight hours. As with most arboreal species they can be very defensive and have a striking range of over 1/3 of their total body length. Some can be tamed out, but most will find this to be more of a display centerpiece as opposed to a pet.

Adults average around 4-5 feet with some specimens reaching over 6, though this is rare.  

Ranging from New Guinea and the surrounding islands, as well as northern Australia. There are many different subspecies (Biak, Aru, etc...)

Neonates are yellow or maroon when they hatch but go through a dramatic color change at about a year old. Snakes from the same clutch will even be different colors to aid in camouflage. As they grow they turn primarily green as the name suggests, but some will retain a secondary color. It is this variability which makes the demand for them so high.